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Start your own international e-Commerce Dropship Business with over 10 million products for sale.



How does it work:
• We design and build you your own branded Fully Functional e-Commerce website
• We then integrate your website with a dropship supplier feed
• We then integrate your website with the AliExpress dropship feed (+ 10 million products)
• Now you can browse and choose products from any supplier on either of the platforms and add them to your site, directly from your portal with just a few mouse clicks (see pricing table below)
• Create your marketing campaigns and start selling (Google Adwords, Facebook, international marketplaces, email campaigns) We can assist with all your marketing initiatives.
• Clients make purchases on your website; you get paid, you pay the supplier via the portal, and they pack (with your logo and branding on the packaging) and courier directly to your customers.

Our platform allows you to choose from thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world that has more than a 100 million products to sell – this includes AliExpress.

Imagine this scenario:

Imagine your website translates into French and the currency changes to euros. The products for sale on your website are from French suppliers and a French courier company collects and delivers the products with your logo on the packaging and paperwork, it is as if you have a business based in France. – You can add up to 21 languages/countries and their currencies to your site.

Imagine you can connect with top international US/EU dropshipping suppliers from 21 different countries that dropship over 900 000 original products all over the world directly to you customers in your personal portal to choose from. And they are ready for your business.

Imagine you can connect with AliExpress with over 100 million products in your personal portal.

You can add all these products to your website with just a few clicks, promote and advertise your site, sell, collect payments in Rands, and pay the supplier via your portal, and they deliver to your clients, anywhere in the world – it couldn’t be any simpler!

Countries with dropship suppliers you will be able to ship from:

United States, Europe, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Frans, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukrain, Netherlands.

Countries you will be able to sell to:

Anywhere in the world, honestly and really, anywhere in the world!

Categories available from US/EU suppliers:

Woman’s Clothing, Men’s clothing, Footwear, Kids and Babies, Toys, Sport and Outdoor, Bags and wallets, Bath and Beauty, Tech Accessories, Gifts, Automotive, Festival and parties, Jewellery and Watches, Home and Garden, Accessories, Pets, Seasonal.

Categories available from AliExpress suppliers:

Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Phones & Telecommunications, Computer, Office & Security, Consumer Electronics, Jewellery & Watches, Home, Pet & Appliances, Bags & Shoes, Toys , Kids & Babies, Outdoor Fun & Sports, Swimming, Men’s Swimwear, Children’s Swimwear, woman’s Swimwear, Cycling, Sneakers, Running Shoes, Hiking Shoes, Soccer Shoes, Skateboarding Shoes, Dance Shoes, Basketball Shoes, Fishing, Fishing Reels, fishing Lures, fishing Lines, Fishing Rods, Rod Combos, Fishing Tackle Boxes, Sportswear, Jerseys, Hiking Jackets, Pants, Shorts, Sports Bags, Sports Accessories, Other Sports Equipment, Camping & Hiking, Hunting, Golf, Fitness & Bodybuilding, Skiing & Snowboarding, Musical Instruments, Guitars, Bicycles, Beauty Health & Hair, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Tools & Home Improvement, Adult products and many more!

Secret of success (only my personal opinion)

Decide on a niche market – this could be for pets, children’s clothes and/or toys, kitchen appliances, furniture, shoes or anything in between that you have a passion for, and then advertise to that market.

Create niche target markets by:
• Searching for suppliers with very low pricing, specials and give aways
• Searching for suppliers that does free shipping (I believe this to be the best-selling advantage)
• Search for suppliers that provide free samples
• Search for suppliers that give cash back or credit points when your customers buy

If you got this far, then I believe you are genuinely interested in this business, however a word of caution! This is not a little part-time business done on weekends and only if you have time to spare, no, this is a serious international online business that will require your full-time attention,

You must be available for:
Support – whether it be pre-sales, product related, accounts, or technical issues on demand, you need to be in touch with your clients.
Sales – ensure your orders are processed properly and that products are delivered

Ready – Start your own successful online business today!


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