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Enroll for this 10 month course on how to Start and run your own Website Design and Hosting Business.



Why Start a Web Hosting and Website Design Company?
One good thing about the information age is that there are several business opportunities that come with it and one of them is to start a web hosting and website design business. If you are looking at starting a business in the IT industry that is easy to manage and with low start up costs, then one of your best bets is this opportunity. There is indeed a large global and local market for web design and hosting services.

The beautiful thing about an online business is the ability to run it 24/7 without boundaries. There are no geographical boundaries and there are no specific hours of operation — an online business can produce revenue around the clock, even while you sleep.

With a well thought-out social media plan, search-engine optimization and paid media strategies, an online business can thrive. You have access to the entire world right at your fingertips. The luxury of being able to target specific provinces, regions and countries gives an upper hand to online-based businesses.

What is this Course all about?
This course prepares and sets you up to manage and run a successful web hosting and website design business. However this is not just a course, during this course you will be registering your own company, setup your accounting system, open a bank account and fully setup your own web hosting service company.

In this course you will learn how to start up and manage your new business, you will learn how to design professional websites without having to be a graphic artist, and you will learn all the ins and outs of setting up and running a website hosting business.

This is a Ready To Trade Business Opportunity!

Included in the course fee:

  • A refurbished Intel I3 computer
  • A Wi-Fi router with three months free internet
  • A VOIP phone with your own area landline number free for three months
  • Website design software
  • Your own Virtual private Server to host your clients free for three months

We provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to start, we also cover your internet, phone number and hosting for three months to help you get settled into your new business.

You will be able to sell the following services and products to your clients:

      • Company Registrations
      • Logo design
      • Domain name Registration
      • Website Design
      • Shared Hosting packages
      • VPS Server hosting
      • Dedicated Server hosting
      • Computer Hardware
      • Computer Software
      • VOIP Cloud Switchboard Solutions
      • VOIP Hardware
      • WI-FI Hardware
      • Technical Support
      • and many more …..!

Enroll now, and make your Design and Hosting Company Standout From the Rest!



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