Do You Urgently Need Funds to start your own online Business?

Apply for an instant loan below of up to R50 000 with repayment terms of up to 24 months.

Welcome to Fin Pay, South Africa’s niche Instant Credit Provider. We enable South Africans to obtain the products and services they need to enrich their lives, even if they can’t immediately cover the costs.

Start your own business today with no deposit and up to 24 months terms.

(dependant on your credit score)

Step one: choose which Bussiness Opportunity you want.

Step two: apply below for the exact amount that you need and get approval within minutes. 

Step three: go to our shop, click on your Business, add to cart and complete your purchases on our site.

NB!: Please remeber that this is not a personal loan, all funds are paid directly to The Global Merchant Pty Ltd for the purchase of your Business Opportunity. Please apply for the exact amount!

If you can’t see the application form, then please refresh the page

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